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Why my machine can’t start

  • a.Checking if battery has running out or low battery. Press power button and see if indicator light is on.
  • b.Connect machine to charger and press power button and see if indicator light is on.
  • c.Charging machine 3 hours then start it.

Why battery was running out shortly?

General speaking, surfing on internet via Wi-Fi is the most consuming battery way and the battery will only can last for about 6 hours. Besides, the battery using time also is relative to the lightness of screen. We suggest user to close blue tooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, vibration and only open it when need it. Adjust screen lightness to 60% and little use of live wallpaper. All this can reduce the consumption of battery.

Why the finger-touch on screen is not sensitive?

It is a gentle reminder that if there is an extra protection film on the screen then would cause touch is not sensitive or doesn’t work. So we suggest you don’t add an extra film. Also the fingers on screen should not move too fast and need a little pressure to screen.

Why my machine can’t recognize mobile HDD?

Due to the restriction from Android system, the current production can’t support mobile HDD if over capacity of 32GB.

Why system always went dead after run a few tasks?

This is because some programs will clear out RAM automatically when you log out, while some other will not. When you are running several tasks in the same time, it will cause big burden to system and cause it go dead frequently. So we strongly suggest you clear out RAM while run a new task.

The volume of speaker or earphone is too low or can’ hear any voice.

a.Please confirm speaker or earphone has been turn on. b.Please check if the connection of earphone has no problem. c.Please make sure the setting in audio control has been selected to speak.

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