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Company: Guangzhou Tianhong Inflatables Co.,LTD.
Tel:  020-39901908
Email:    xzd@gzthqm.com

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Guangzhou tianhong inflatable expansion model factory as the largest enterprise advertising balloons and puff production model
In China. Collection of various models of shape design, manufacturing, sales, the company has a large number of professional models
Designer, with strong design ability, high technology and high product quality, has won a good reputation in the society.
Founded in 1999, the company is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of inflatable advertising products, and has formulated
Products that promote living models such as balloons, rainbow arches, product models, inflatable amusement parks, inflatable trampolines,
A variety of children's play inflatable playgrounds with large toys such as sliders and climbs, symbolizing the huge number of inside and outside businesses.
Our latest product pitch is water sports products, including water sports balloons, balloon inflatable yo-bo, cold mountain, aeration
Swimming pool, bucket, etc, are well received by domestic and foreign customers.
Rainbow air mold is a professional manufacturer, providing first-class, safe and stable, the lowest cost, first-class quality, the fastest delivery. we
We are willing to cooperate sincerely with all sectors of society to create a better future!