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Zorb Ball-21
Name: Zorb ball, zorb balls originated in the late 1990s in New Zealand. Is one of the world's most exciting, most secure participatory recreational projects. You wave the ball is the body transparent sphere filled with air at 2.8 meters in diameter and two meters outside the sphere of the ball, during which thousands of roots by the pull of the connection. At the same time for two people to play.

You wave the ball three play
There are three kinds of the world You wave the ball in play: fixed, floating, and to walk in style.
Fixed: occupant limbs and waist are fixed in the sphere of safety belt, body roll along with the ball.
Floating: occupant is not fixed in the ball before departure the staff will pour scored two barrels in a water depth of about 70 centimeters. Take the ball rolling by floating in the water tumbling along with the ball.
Visit propelled: occupant is not fixed in the same ball, walking the ball rolling in the ball, if the ball speed and consistent, then you can always keep the body upright in the ball. This is the most difficult of three ways a. Acrobatics, martial arts and many times there is no point trying experience, is unlikely to cope.

You wave the ball in the maintenance methods
1, the pool water is drained, and then release the edges of a gas chamber for cleaning.
2, clipping patch piece. (Patch repair piece to cut three times the size of the area, preferably circular or oval.)
3, first backing plastic handle. (To wipe the area in need of repair and patch sheet clean, evenly coated with special glue, then use the hair dryer blowing sticky, dry naturally also available.)
4, beat up plastic handle. (The area just dry patches and patch glue evenly coated tablets again, ditto to handle sticky.)
5, and sticky. (Aligned with the repair piece repair area, paste from one direction slowly, careful not to produce bubbles, and then hand pressed flat.)
6, press firmly. (Stick placed on top of a flat after a good hard, flat top with hard to use heavy pressure to 24 hours later.