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bubble soccer -16
Size: 1.5m
Pack: 43x35x35
Weight: 12kg
Material: 0.8 PVC

An inflatable bumper ball play 
Inflatable bumper ball two sizes, adult and children into type, there are a variety of gameplay, you can participate in one or more persons at the same time play. Tumbling or more collisions, compared to traditional bumper cars, bumper boats, recreational products using this more flexible, more entertaining, and physical activity, increase physical fitness. 
The project technology has matured, parks and squares can be used inside or shopping, etc., can be used in commercial marketing. The factory provides a variety of inflatable pools isolation can carpeted used in isolation tanks. 
Do not miss the opportunity to seize the initiative, to win wealth. 
2 inflatable bumper ball Safety Precautions 
1, the space requirements inflatable bumper ball without sharp objects, ordinary concrete floor to floor or carpet. 
2, prohibits carrying keys, cell phone, glasses and sharp trinkets carried play. 
3, the product should be checked before use if seal is intact, straps and handles securely. 
4, press "up" on the prompt use of the product can not be reversed to use. 
5, should be good to play back strap, grip handles. 
6, when parents care for children to play. 
7, suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weaker shall not be used. 
8, rain, high winds prohibit the use of three or more.